100 Ways To Save And Make Money! Brainstorm and Be Creative!

100 Ways To Save And Make Money! Brainstorm and Be Creative!


In today’s economy, it is necessary to learn to adapt and be creative when it comes to saving and making money.

With the loss of jobs, cutbacks, downsizings and company closings, it has become increasingly difficult for many to make an honest and decent living.

Many are faced with the challenge of stretching and making the most of their current income source. Some have even had to resort to second and third jobs. Still others have had to dip into retirement, savings and their children’s education funding accounts to make ends meet.

This ebook publication was developed as a guide to effectively saving, and making more money quickly and long-term.

The author has endeavored to bring you diverse ways to increase your income that you may have never before considered.

It was also designed to help you brainstorm and think creatively. You may be surprised when you arrive at ideas that may not be contained here in the book.

It is the authors hope that upon reading this ebook that the reader will find useful information and possibly effective shortcuts to cut cost, save, and make more money!

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ISBN NUMBER: 9781468922356

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